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United Music distribution platform. Start sale your own music on-line on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon etc ! United Music is the quintessential music distribution service without a lot of fluff. Aside from distribution, the company offers pre-release and promotional tools, streaming and sales data plus reporting, free ISRC and UPC codes, and chart registration.

United Music is a boutique music distribution company operating under the UNITED MUSIC LIMITED.
Modern artists want to be independent. They want to create, collaborate and promote in new ways, pushing culture forward while building a passion economy. They want to build their brand and run their business — on their own terms.
The future of music is being shaped by a new generation, expecting limitless possibilities at their fingertips. Our digital music distribution and smooth artist services are made for them. This is a cultural movement and we’re here to move it forward.

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